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Term DepositsRecurring DepositTerm DepositsCall DepositsTerm DepositsFixed Deposit
Can be maintained in TZS & USD MaintenanceTZS 100,000,000 or USD 50,000 Minimum amount to open call depositTZS 1,000,000 or USD 1000 Minimum Opening Balance
TZ 50,000 & USD 50 (Multiples of TZS 5,000 & USD 5, No Maximum Limit) Minimum monthly installmentInterest is based on interbank overnight placement rate. InterestUp to 90% of Deposit amount Loan Facility
Minimum 6 months; Maximum 60 months (Multiples of 3 months) Deposit PeriodAs per prevailing rates Interest Payable
Loan available upto 75% of deposit value Maximum LoanAllowed Premature Closure
No interest paid on pre-mature/midterm withdrawals Interest on midterm withdrawals
Funded by standing instructions Funding
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