We offer deposit savings plans to enable you to get returns on your savings in a convenient manner.  Our term deposit plans are offered for a range of periods and follow a structured schedule of attractive interest returns.

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PersonalRapidexPersonalYoung Savers AccountPersonalSalary AccountPersonalStudent AccountPersonalSavings Account
Upto USD 5000 Remittance Amount18 Maximum eligibility ageNIL Minumum balance TZS 10,000 Minimum balanceTShs. 50,000/- or USD/GBP/EUR. 50/- Minimum Opening Balance
Applicable Minimum charges50,000 Minumum balanceNIL Ledger fees NIL Ledger feeNil Service Charge/Ledger fee
Within 24 HRS Credit to the receivers account TZS 1,000 per month Non-maintenance of minimum balanceTZS 1,000 Non-maintenance of minimum balance TZS 1,000 per month Non-maintenance of minimum balanceTShs 2.5% p.a. or USD/GBP 1.5% p.a. Interest Payable
I&M and Non I&M account holders ApplicabilityNIL Quarterly statement NIL Statement quarterlyCheque book facility Available. Cheque Book
Copy of work permit, ID card and necessary KYC documents Documents to be submittedNIL Infomail Service - any intervalNIL Infomail service - any intervalFree I&M Mobile registration
No Interest InterestNo interest Interest
No restrictions Number of withdrawals Free I&M Mobile registration
Free Infomail Service (any interval)Free I&M Mobile registrationAbove TZS 100,000 Balances that get higher interest
Free Statement Quarterly
NIL Ledger Fee
Free I&M Mobile Registration
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