I&M Cash in Transit service facilitates your businesses to get cash to the bank or any relevant destination quickly and safely at a reasonable cost. The Bank has partnered with a leading security company to offer you Cash in Transit (CIT) services.

Our cash management service offers;

  1. Cash collection from customer premises or other relevant point to the bank
  2. Cash delivery to customer premises or other relevant location

Benefits of I&M Cash in Transit Services

  • Eliminate staff trips to the bank, freeing up staff time
  • Prevent high street attacks on staff
  • Reduce risk to staff and the general public as cash is secured by armed guards
  • Increase security by reducing opportunities for theft
  • Create a customised cash transportation schedule with cash collections that cut your costs.
  • Professional due diligence when transporting cash
  • Convenience – no need to travel to the bank for deposit. Account is credited upon confirmation of cash.