Our annual Corporate Social Responsibility program supports diverse and deserving group of projects and activities.

We are committed to improving the quality of life of the society in which we operate. In this regard, the Bank has been supporting needy deserving projects, institutions and individuals around the country and creating long term relationships with them. Our CSR projects encompass diverse causes, ranging from education, health care, children welfare and environment.

  • Donation to SOS Children's Village

    On 11th October 2015, I&M Staff along with the Head of Business Support donated 200KG of Rice to SOS Children’s Village. The occasion was marked with a visit to the children’s rooms to show how the children live. They have provided four bed room dormitories where 10 children live under one mother. The children felt loved, accepted within the society and had an eventful Sunday after playing games and having lunch with the staff. The Director of SOS Children’s Village was very thankful for this contribution and having spent the weekend with the kids.

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  • I&M Bank (T) Limited donates TZS. 5,000,000 for construction of Children’s Cancer Ward at Muhimbili National Hospital.

    I&M Bank (T) Limited donated TZS. 5,000,000 for construction of Children’s Cancer ward at Muhimbili National Hospital. The funds were given to Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam who initiated the cause and took the responsibility of raising the funds by organizing a Charity walk of 9 Kms and Marathon of 21 kms in Dar es Salaam. The Marathon and the Charity walk was held on Sunday, 14th October 2012 and more than 30 staff members of the Bank participated in the event as Walkers and organizers. The CEO of I&M Bank (T) Limited, Mr. Anurag Dureha, stressed that “the bank has a policy to support social causes that will have a positive impact on the betterment of our society”. He also added that the CRS Policy of I&M Bank (T) Limited has supported and will continue to support many diversified projects in the area of education, Healthcare, Children’s welfare and Environment. I&M Bank (T) limited has been making donations in the past to the CRS activities to have better and bright Tanzania.

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  • Shule ya Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School

    I&M Bank (T) Limited continued their support to underprivileged students in Dar es Salaam. The school comprises of Blind, Deaf and Dumb students. I&M Bank (T) Limited donated learning items, toys and food stuff for this noble cause amounting to TZS 5 Million only. The amount also included contribution made by the bank staff from their salaries for this noble cause.

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  • Road Construction

    I&M Bank (T) Limited continued their support in the national level; It took the responsibility of “upgrading” the road infrastructure in front of the school in Arusha.

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