Western Union a funds transfer company started over 150 years ago in the United States, and has become a world leader in the money transfer business. I&M Bank Rwanda is a recognized agent of the Western Union money transfer service which remains one of the fastest and most reliable means of transferring and receiving funds globally.  At I&M Bank Rwanda we ensure that we bring this service as close to you as possible making your convenience our business.

Information required to successfully send money using Western Union .

  1. Know the Destination (City & Country)
  2. Amount to be sent in USD
  3. Beneficiary’s (receiver’s names and addresses)
  4. Sender’s names and addressee
  5. Test question and answer to secure your transfer.


Information required to successfully receive money using Western Union

  1. Beneficiary’s names and addressee
  2. Sender’s names and addressee
  3. Country from which the money is from
  4. Money transfer control number (MTCN 10 digits)/Collection code number
  5. Test question and answer


  • There’s a western Union near you. We make transferring and receiving funds as convenient for you as possible. With I&M Bank Rwanda branches operating the service as agents and the Post Office you can be sure that there is a Western Union outlet near you
  • Send money anywhere both locally and internationally
  • Receive and send  funds to anyone
  • Send and Receive funds protected through the use of security passwords and verification test questions
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