Our most affordable and convenient account designed for students. It is free to open, there are no monthly fees and you get a VISA Debit Classic payments card FREE!!.

FuturePro Student’s Account

We listened to your suggestions and now FuturePro students account is finally here. As students pursuing higher learning opportunities in Rwanda and around the world, you have unique Financing needs, from being able to easily receive and manage your allowances to having opportunities for early investment. The account is by far, I&M’s most flexible offering with …. no account opening fees, no minimum monthly balance, no monthly maintenance fees and a FREE Visa Debit Classic Card.

Who can apply for  this product

This product is for high school students above the age of 18, and students attending institutions of higher learning such as Universities, Polytechnics and Technical Colleges

What you get from your account

  • Unlimited deposits
  • Account can be opened as Current or Savings Account
  • Unlimited ATM Withdrawals
  • Free monthly e-mail statements
  • Access to the I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc Call Centre
  • Access to I-Click
  • Free Standing Order Set up (From Current Account to Savings Account).
  • No minimum account balance
  • Savings Account remuneration
  • No account monthly charges
  • Free initial Visa Debit card issuance
  • Discount on annual card anniversary fee.
  • Free cash deposits and inflows across all branches
  • Mobile Banking push and pull services on registered Telcos.

To open the account

  • A valid student ID card or admission letter and ID card.
  • Duly Completed Account Opening Form
  • Signature Cards.
  • Photocopy of ID card, passport and other government issued photo ID (Driving license, NSSf card, etc)
  • 2 recent color passport photos of all signatories to the account
  • References: One introductory reference