Manage your finances directly through your handset.

Mobile banking service enables I&M Bank Rwanda clients to access their bank accounts using their Mobile phones To access our mobile banking services you must have subscribed to at least one of the local Mobile Phone Operators. For additional information, please call our 3227. You can also make Electronic Tax Payments by following these instructions.

  •  Register by filling out a I&M Bank Rwanda MOBILE BANKING application form available in all the branches at the reception areas and/or on our website.
  • After registration, you will receive two pin numbers from the Bank, after which  you will be requested to change them for additional security You may change your PIN number when and as many times as you like.
  • Dial *227# (MOBILE) to access the menu where to choose the different services. You will get a welcome asking you to enter your pin number
  •  After entering the pin number, a full menu will appear as below:

Please select a service by dialing a number as per the menu (e.g. 1 for balance inquiry etc…):

  • For balance inquiry
  • For others Inquiries:( mini statement, Forex inquiry, loans details)
  • For Pay bill (Electricity Purchase)
  • For Buy Airtime
  • For Change Pin
  • For Funds Transfer
  • For Requests (checkbook request, receipt book and payment order request)


  • Facilitation to change the pin number for much security
  •  Balance inquiry as per client’s request
  • Instant messages on each transaction
  • Account statement on the last 5 transactions
  • Request for a checkbook, receipt book and a payment order
  • Access to the daily exchange rates
  • MTN airtime purchase
  • Prepaid bill payment
  • Electricity purchase
  • Transfer from one account to a sub account within I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc
  • Transfer from one account to another account within I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc
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