Manage your finances from wherever you are.

Our internet banking allows you to manage your finances wherever and whenever you want to. This means that you can access banking services from your house, at the airport, in the hotel, in your office and anywhere else. No need to visit the Bank or give written instructions! E-banking is safe, fast and convenient. The registration process is also quick and simple. 


  • Get a list of all accounts registered
  • Get the balance of all the registered accounts 24/7
  • Get all transactions statements online
  • Be able to view, print or download your account statement in PDF, EXCEL….
  • Send and receive messages from the bank through online system
  • Get daily exchange rates
  • Get previous rates per date
  •  Convert currencies online
  • Be able to request check books, receipt book and payment order
  • Request for a payments card
  • Employer’s accessibility  to pay salaries to employees
  • Money transfer from one account to another within the bank and beyond(all local banks and international banks)
  • Be able to post a standing order on your account
  • To be able to purchase your airtime using your online Banking at anytime
  • To be able to purchase your cash power using your online Banking at anytime
  • View your loan repayment history
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