We offer a range of personal transaction accounts for your everyday banking needs. It's simple to open a bank account with I&M Bank Rwanda.

No matter where you live, as a Rwandan, the strings of home will always tug at your heart. It may be family needing support, you desiring to invest back home or wanting to plan for a future day when you’ll return back. I&M Bank Rwanda is your partner in the Diaspora. We offer you a  unique  facility to give you sustainable support in your  desired  financial  activities  in and outside Rwanda, ranging  from  opening of accounts via Internet,  profitably saving your money, supporting your family to planning for any future investment in Rwanda .

Our ultimate goal is to establish a strong relationship with you and adapt our services to your needs.

Through our services we give you access to:

  1. Online banking services
  2. Your personal banker
  3. Access to various loan term loans
  4. Savings products that assist your family within the country or abroad.


  1. A completed account opening application form
  2. Copy of  your passport – photo & resident permit visa page
  3. Copy of Drivers License or State Issued ID (as proof of non-resident status)
  4. Reference: a recommendation letter from your current bank, or a letter from a reputable client of I&M Bank Rwanda or your current employer.

 For self employed persons/businesses       

  1. Evidence of business registration
  2. Proof of address and 1 referee resident in Rwanda

Note that:

  1. Certified original copies of those documents have to be forwarded to I&M Bank Rwanda with one full-color passport photo.
  2. Otherwise, the opened account (s) will remain deposit only until we receive the original/certified documents by courier.
  3. In case the account owner needs to authorize a third party to either independently or jointly transact on the account, a power of attorney must be given to third party at the time of opening the account.

Kindly download and fill the disclaimer to allow our personal banker to render you the assistance you may require from time to time.

Essential information on filling the account opening application form

Family name, First name, Postal code, Country, Telephone, Nationality, Country of residence, type of identity, number of I.D, place of issue, date of issue, Date of birth, Sex, Father’s name, Employer’s name, Family situation, Country of birth, District of birth, Mother’s name, Client’s declaration.

Inward & Outward Transfers

Handle your money transfer swiftly with our Inward & Outward Transfers. The bank offers inbound and outbound transfers for customers’ way of SWIFT.


  1. Facilitates quick fund transfers to foreign countries
  2. Provides recipients with a guarantee that they will receive funds as payment and that the currency received is what was agreed upon during the transaction.