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Asset Finance

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I&M Asset Finance

Asset finance at I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc covers all forms of business assets which contribute to the incremental production capacity of the companies/ businesses and subsequently to additional cash flows and revenues. The assets are constituted by moveable and immovable assets.

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Saloon Cars New/Used
Commercial trucks/Pick-ups New/Used
Prime movers/heavy commercial trucks New/Used
Earth Movers/Construction Equipment New/Used
Purchase of prime/built Commercial buildings
Real Estate buildings Residential buildings/
Tractors New
School Buses New
Other Equipment New
Construction of Commercial Buildings New


  • Application letter from the customer

  • Certificate of business registration/incorporation

  • Memorandum & articles of association (for Corporate and SME)

  • Latest 6 months bank statements (12 months if Business is seasonal in nature)

  • Proforma invoice from the dealer/vendor

  • Latest 3 year financials, tax clearance certificate and cash flow projections. Audited financials are required for higher exposures. (For Corporate and SME)

  • Copies of contract where asset sought is to meet contractual requirements. (For Corporate and SME)

  • For Second hand vehicles: Additional requirements for all transactions involving second hand assets will require: • Market valuation from the enlisted companies; IRPV • Copy of logbook • Duly executed sale agreement

Asset Finance

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