I&M Bank Rwanda's Corporate Strategy and Values


  • Consciously develop an image of an institution genuinely interested in long term relationships – being proactive and responsive to customers’ requirements and expectations.
  • Provide the highest quality of service consistently with warmth and friendliness so that customers genuinely feel comfortable.
  • Offer value for money to our customers in terms of products and services.
  • Be recognized for ethical practices and fully respect rules and regulations.
  • Be recognized as a Company with clear procedures and well developed internal systems to foster an efficient delivery platform for products and services.
  • Be perceived as an Institution, which has fresh ideas and is keeping pace with technology to improve product delivery standards.
  • Be recognized for providing congenial working atmosphere where there is mutual respect for each other.
  • Be an organization, which strives to attract talented professionals through a dynamic human resources policy, which is based on:
    1.  Having a fair reward policy and career planning.
    2.  Showing no bias towards race, or religion or ethnic background.
    3.  Providing an enabling environment to bring out the best from its most valuable resources.
    4.  Interacting and close understanding at all levels.
    5.  Creating an environment where work is a pleasure, a challenge and not a burden.
    6.  Being an employer who encourages its employees to enrich standards either through education, training, or other support. The employee feels assured that the employer will standby when really needed.
    7.  Having good communication to keep staff abreast of the broader picture to make each one a part of the organization and its aspirations. This is also to promote feedback and suggestions to make the organization more efficient and being profitable and a HAPPIER PLACE.
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