At I&M Bank Rwanda we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously through the various projects we undertake.

The Bank as a corporation and our staff continue to actively support our CSR responsibilities, under the Health Initiative, the Bank undertook to cover the medical insurance of 300 vulnerable individuals in Musanze Districts for the 2016-17 period, it is hoped that in 2017, we can extend this support to other districts where we have a presence. Other contributions included a significant contribution to the Gira Inka government Initiative, which will see some of the poorest families in the nation achieve self reliance and dignity.
In line with capacity building, up to 60 business owners benefited from this year’s Financial Literacy Training workshops for SMEs conducted in April and
November in partnership with BDF and European Investment Bank. These workshops promote financial stability for small business establishments
by providing them with knowledge and practical tools to use in business planning and financial literacy.



Beneficiaries of the Hanga Umurimo Government Initiative attending one of the Financial Literacy Workshops

Some recent initiatives that we have been involved in include:



Staff refurbish a genocide widow’s home in Kamonyi



Cancer Awareness walk

Participants in the first Annual Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk



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