We offer a range of deposit savings accounts in Kenya to enable you to get higher returns on your savings in a convenient manner. Our term deposit plans are offered for a range of periods and follow a structured schedule of attractive interest returns. The deposit options are available in Kenya Shillings as well as a host of foreign currencies like US Dollars, Euro, GB Pounds and South African Rand.

Our unique Flexi Deposit Builder savings account allows you to automatically and conveniently save every month while giving you higher returns on your saved funds. All our term deposit savings plans give the option of auto-renewal.

The Young Savers savings account encourages the savings habit amongst children.

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SavingsFixed DepositsSavingsFlexi Deposit BuilderSavingsYoung SaversSavingsOnline SaversSavingsMy Goalz Account
50,000/- Minimum Deposit1000 Monthly installments (KES)1,000/- Minimum Balance
1 month to 1yr Term1 Year Term (KES)17 Maximum Eligibility age
100 Monthly Installments (USD)2% p.a. Interest Rate
1 Year Term (USD)Payable on the minimum monthly balance (accrued monthly and paid quarterly) Interest Payment
50% additional interest payable at the end of the year on average yearly balance for withdrawals between 1 - 6 within the calender year. Additional Interest
If no withdrawals within one calender year, bonus interest of 1% at the end of the calendar year on average yearly balance Bonus Interest
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