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Buy a house earlier than you can imagine with our unique Step-up Home Loan

The I&M Step – Up Home Loan is designed to meet a wide range of needs such as purchase of property, undeveloped plot, construction, renovations etc.  We offer 2 options for the Home Loan: EMI Payments and the unique Step – Up option.

Regular Home Loan (EMI Option)
EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment which is an important part of your home loan. It includes repayment of the principal amount and payment of the interest on the outstanding amount of your home loan. A longer loan tenure will reduces the Equated Monthly Installments.

Step-up Option
With the unique Step – Up option available with this facility, you can choose to pay lesser monthly repayments in the initial years and higher amounts in later years, thereby matching your repayments to your future growing income.

One can borrow as little as Ksh 2million and as much Ksh 100 million payable for up to 20 years. All loans come with:

  • Optional pre-approved Visa international credit card with a waiver on joining fees;
  • Free fire insurance cover for the first year with GA Insurance Co Ltd;
  • Pricing concessions for increased margin of financing.

This facility is also available in US Dollars.

What can you borrow the I&M Step-Up Home Loan for?

  • Purchase of new or existing residential property
  • Purchase of undeveloped plot or land
  • Construction of residential property on a previously purchased land
  • Financing the purchase of a unit being built by a reputed developer
  • Takeover of existing house loans from other financing institutions
  • Top-up of existing Home Loan with I & M Bank
  • Renovation, repairs or extension of existing property
  • Equity release –raising funds from the value of your existing house

Who is eligible for the I&M Step-Up Home Loan?
A Kenyan citizen (resident or non-resident) who is:

  • A salaried employee meeting all specified requirements
  • An employee or director of a reputable company or a well-established SME with verifiable monthly income
  • A professional or consultant who earns a regular monthly income
  • In any other occupation with a verifiable stable long term income source.


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