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Wealth Management

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Wealth Management

You can now access International Wealth Management Services from Bank One Limited of Mauritius. Bank One Limited is part of the I&M Bank Group and is licensed in Mauritius to act as distributor of financial products, investment advisor and custodian. Bank One Private Banking offers a vast array of bespoke services and financial solutions including day-to-day transactional banking, treasury, large ticket credit financing, financial planning, wealth Management, asset management and more, to help you save time and achieve your financial goals.
Services Offered
  • Wealth Management: A Mutual Partnership We appreciate that the client has unique needs based on personal circumstances. As such, our wealth management services are focused on understanding the client’s requirements and building a long-term relationship based on mutual trust. Our wealth management solutions include bonds, equities/ETFs, mutual funds, structured products, and other financial instruments. We work to protect, preserve and grow your wealth now and for future generations.

  • Investment Advisory: We cater for our clients’ needs and construct tailor made investment portfolio through our external partners licensed to carry out advisory services. Depending on the risk profiling of the client from being conservative to balance to dynamic, we have an array of investment products and are currently working with well-known fund houses to provide the best mix of allocation.

  • Trading Desk: We provide trade execution services on major markets. The desk executes trade on bonds and equities through well-known international brokers.

  • Custody: Bank One Global Custody services provide a single point and easy access to the local and international financial markets with the following facilities: safe custody of assets, trade execution, corporate action management, income collection, reporting &valuation report, Brokerage services through our partners, tailor made proposal and client on-boarding.

Getting Started
  • To start using the above services, you will be required to execute the following agreements:

  • a) Custody Agreement and IMS Account opening with I&M Bank

  • b) Fee Tariff Agreement with Bank One

  • c) Email Indemnity form with I&M Bank

  • d) Investment Advisory Agreement with Bank One

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Reach out to our Investment Management Service desk on or Tel: 020 3221000, 0719 088 000 or 0732 100 000

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Safe keeping and Transaction Charges

Bank One will levy safe keeping and transaction fee as per tariff below.

Fees description Customer charge* (exclusive of applicable taxes)
Safekeeping Fees 0.5% Per annum (chargeable on a monthly basis on Net Asset Value under custody, min USD100 – excluding cash )
Settlement Fees - Bond 0.4% Min USD50
Settlement Fees -Equities 0.5% Min USD50
Settlement Fees -Funds 0.5% Min USD50 (any additional fees linked to Fund category)
Coupon/ Dividend Collection USD25