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Enjoy the fastest and affordable way to transfer funds to any Bank or receive from any Bank in Kenya at any time any day (24/7)!
1. Sending Funds

PesaLink enables you to send money from your account to;

  • A bank account in another bank

  • To a PesaLink registered mobile number

  • To a Card number.

  • NB: The recipient gets funds in real time. Both sender and receiver get SMS notification upon successful transaction.

2. Channels for PesaLink

Currently, you can send funds via PesaLink service using the following channels;

  • I&M Mobile: Using I&M Mobile App, login into the main page and select PesaLink and follow instructions to proceed | Using USSD short code *458# and Select No.4 PesaLink option and follow instructions to proceed.

  • I&M Bank Branch: Visit any I&M Bank Branch and give transfer instructions by completing “PesaLink Send To Form”

3. Receiving Funds

You can receive funds into your I&M Bank account by either giving the sender your I&M Account number or giving your mobile number that is registered with us for PesaLink.

  • See registration process below.

4. Registration

If you would like to link your mobile to account number, complete the form at the branch and funds sent to your mobile will be credited to the linked account.

  • If you are already registered for I&M Mobile Banking, go to the I&M Mobile App or Short code *458# and select PesaLink menu option > Link your Phone >Select Account (if you have more than 1) > then choose Yes to make the selected Bank account your operative account for PesaLink transactions and complete the process to link your account to your mobile number.

5. Charges (Excluding Excise Duty)

PesaLink transactions will be charged as per tariff below.

  • Receiving funds from other Banks | Free

  • Sending Funds to other Banks (as below)

  • 10-500 | Free

  • 501-10,000 | Kes 40

  • 10,001-50,000 | Kes 60

  • 50,001-100,000 | Kes 80

  • 100,001-200,000 | Kes 100

  • 200,001-500,000 | Kes 120

  • 500,001-999,999 | 150

6. Participating Banks

Below are the list of Banks who are offering PesaLink

  • I&M Bank | CBA | Cooperative Bank | Credit Bank Ltd | DTB | Equity Bank | Guardian Bank | Barclays Bank | Middle East Bank | NIC Bank | SCB KE | Prime Bank | Victoria Bank | Gulf African Bank | Stanbic Bank | First Community Bank | Paramount Bank | Jamii Bora Bank | ABC Bank | Bank of Africa | Spire Bank | Family Bank | KCB | KWFT Bank | Sidian Bank | GT Bank | National Bank | Citi Bank

Ensure your phone screen is active to receive M-PESA pop up i.e. screen not locked. Funds will be deducted from your M-PESA wallet and sent to your I&M Bank account. Your account will be updated instantly and an SMS notification sent to you.