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Corporate M-PESA

Send money instantly!

Corporate M-Pesa Transfers

Through this service, funds can be remitted online from your I&M Bank account instantaneously to any person in Kenya who is registered for M-PESA and also from M-PESA to an I&M Bank Account!
Corporate Business-to-Customers

[B2C] payments

  • This payment platform allows a company to make salary and other forms of payments to multiple employees through their M-PESA registered number.

  • The company is able to upload payment files directly in iClick and initiate transfers to various M-PESA registered numbers. The company account is automatically debited with total amount of payments and applicable charges.

Corporate Customer-to-Business payments

[C2B] payments

  • By using this service, companies can collect sales proceeds using the M-PESA system. Schools and clubs can also use it to collect fees payable to them by their customers or the public.

  • The Bank obtains a paybill business number from Safaricom on behalf of our corporate customers.

  • Payments owed to the corporate are sent to this M-PESA paybill number and the Bank automatically credits the customer with payment hitting this paybill number at Safaricom.

Ensure your phone screen is active to receive M-PESA pop up i.e. screen not locked. Funds will be deducted from your M-PESA wallet and sent to your I&M Bank account. Your account will be updated instantly and an SMS notification sent to you.