Brisk is the fastest funds transfers within East Africa. Its fast, efficient and cost effective.

Brisk Transfer is the fastest funds transfers within East Africa. Its fast, efficient and cost effective. It is a special funds transfer service allowing you to transfer funds to beneficiaries located in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in the following currencies:

  • United States Dollars (USD)
  • Kenya Shillings (KES)
  • Tanzania Shillings (TZS)
  • Rwandese Franc (RWF)

Brisk Transfer Benefits

The following advantages are unique to BRISK Transfers.

  • Quick funds transfer – the beneficiary receives funds on the same or next working day, depending on whether they are I&M Bank branch network customers or not.
  • Cost effective – low and reasonable charges
  • Efficient – service executed within I&M Bank regional network.
  • Convenience–   Funds can be transferred to both customers and non-customers throughout I&M Bank’s network across East Africa.

How to Access the Brisk Transfer Service

To enjoy this service, follow the quick steps below.


  • Visit the nearest branch of I&M Bank Kenya / I&M Bank Tanzania/Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
  • Draw a cheque in favor of I&M Bank Ltd. Kenya/I&M Bank (T) Ltd Tanzania/Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
  • Complete the standard  application form for SWIFT transfer
  • Provide copies of supporting documents
  • The transfer will be executed as per instructions


  • For I&M Bank Group network customers, you will receive funds on the same day as the remittance instruction was given by the sender, Non-account holders will receive funds next day.

For transfers from Kenya to Tanzania, please see important notice.

Download Brisk Transfers brochure