Custody & Investment Services

An integrated investment management service provides all the facilities required for the serious investor.

Our Custody & Investment Services provide all facilities required by investors for investing and managing a portfolio of shares and government securities through a one-point contact in a personalized and professional environment of a commercial bank.

Services include opening securities accounts, facilitation of purchase and sale of securities from the stock market, fiduciary services and investment in government securities.

Who are eligible for I&M Bank’s Custody & Investment Services?

  • Local and foreign individuals
  • Corporates and institutions
  • High Net worth clients
  • Pension & Provident schemes
  • Fund Managers
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Insurance Companies

How to sign up

  • Meet a bank representative at any of our branches who will discuss, understand your requirements and advice you on the most appropriate service; or,
  • Contact our Custody & Investment Management team on the numbers below
  • Sign up a Custody / Investment Management Agreement with the I&M Bank Limited;
  • Open a custodial trading bank account to facilitate investment transactions

Services offered

Investment Management Services

  • CDS Accounts- Opening and maintenance of trading accounts either through nominee facilitation service or individual names
  • Trading of securities- Purchase and Sale of listed shares through the Bank’s empanelled brokers at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) or Over the Counter (OTC) markets
  • Immobilization/dematerialization of securities- Facilitation of conversion from paper certificate to electronic form
  • Transfers- This includes private transfers and inter-CDA transfers
  • Fixed Income securities- The Bank facilitates trading of government securities (Treasury Bills and Bonds), corporate bonds and commercial papers
  • Public offers- We act as a placement agent by coordinating receipt of public offer applications and processing through to the shares registrars and issuers
  • Offshore trading
  • Creation of Liens- IMS facilitates the process of creating lien on -securities used as collateral

 Custodial Services

  • Settlement of Securities – Equities, Government Paper, Corporate Debt, Fixed & Call Deposits, Offshore Investments.
  • Safekeeping of Securities
  • Corporate Actions Processing– Interest payments & Maturities, Dividend collection, Processing of Rights & Bonus issues, Processing of Initial Public Offers (IPO’s).
  • Tenders –Applications for primary market Government and Corporate Debt
  • Proxy Services
  • Portfolio Reporting
Minimum Requirements
Equities 100 shares
T-Bills KES 100,000
T-Bills Taxable KES 50,000
Infrastructure Bonds KES 100,000
Corporate Bonds Depends on the issue/issuer
Commercial Papers Depends on the issuer

Interested in Custody & Investment Services?
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