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Personal Malaika Account

With Personal Malaika Account you get

Malaika Membership Card

Malaika Membership Card

Malaika Motor Insurance

Malaika Motor Insurance

Discounts at many shops, restaurants and hospitals.

Discounts at many shops, restaurants and hospitals.

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Minimum balance KShs. 5,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee* KShs 500
International Visa Debit Card Free**
Cheque Book KShs 300
I&M Mobile and I-Click Internet Banking Free Access (No sign up fee)
Free Counter Withdrawals 10


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To open an account online with I&M Bank you will need a digital copy of the following documents: As a Kenyan citizen you will require your Kenyan National ID card/passport, KRA PIN number. For Foreign Nationals you will require a passport, work permit/ dependent pass. Simply visit any I&M Bank and open an I&M Bank account in under 10 Minutes!

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