Online payments for merchants who do not have websites with shopping carts or reservation engines

PayMi is designed for Merchants who have do not have websites with a shopping cart or a booking engine but have customers whom they wish to prompt for card payments on a regular or ad hoc basis.

These payment requests are sent to the Cardholder’s email address and also to their Mobile phone. Cardholders receive a personalized message requesting them to complete the transaction.

PayMi can be used for single payment requests or batched type requests via an uploaded file containing a number of payment requests. Paymi allows for a standard payment request message to be created that is then personlised with each request.

This solution is ideal for merchants who require:

  • Call Centre Payments. This provides a way to complete bookings made over the phone by Credit Card securely
  • Adhoc Payments like Promotional Campaigns, Conferences etc
  • Recurring Payments like Charities, Donations etc
  • Outstanding Payment Recovery. This provides a cost effective way of requesting payment on outstanding accounts

Other advantages include:

  • No website or website without shopping cart / Booking engine
  • Limited technical resources
  • Urgency to deploy
  • Easy to deploy for Seasonal Campaigns

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