Diaspora Special Assistance is an insurance cover specially designed by our sister company GA Insurance in conjunction with a reputed international partner MAPFRE to suit Kenyans who are residing abroad.

The cover below is available to our Diaspora customers at an annual premium of US$ 12.00, and entails:

A. While the beneficiary is visiting Kenya on short duration trips

This covers medical expenses in case of illness or accident for a maximum period of 30 consecutive days. In the event of illness or injury of the insured occurring while the insured is visiting Kenya, Cover will meet the usual, customary, necessary and reasonable costs of hospitalisation, surgery, medical fees and pharmaceutical products, prescribed by the attending doctor.

The Insurer’s medical team will maintain the telephone contacts necessary with the medical centre and with the doctors attending to the Insured to supervise the provision of proper health care. This cover is subject to a limit of US$ 10,000.00. US$ 50.00 excess is applicable per claim.

B. In case of death of the beneficiary in the country of residence

      • Repatriation of mortal remains of the beneficiary to Kenya: In the event of death of the insured party, the Insurer shall organize and take charge of the transport or repatriation of the body from the place where death has occurred to the place of burial in its country of origin. Payment of expenses for interment, cremation or funeral ceremony is excluded from this guarantee.




    • Transport of a relative to accompany the deceased: In the event of repatriation for death, the Insurer shall reimburse a close relative (spouse, first degree ascendant or descendent, brother or sister) the price of a return ticket – Economy Class – in the most suitable means of transport to accompany the mortal remains from the place where death has occurred to the place of burial.

For full details and sign-up for this package kindly contact our Diaspora Banking Unit. We shall be happy to assist you.