Transact with I&M Bank for the best foreign exchange price value in Kenya.

I&M Bank is connected to the global currency hubs as well as the Kenya foreign exchange market via a first class network of foreign correspondent and local banks. We offer foreign exchange services and facilitate remittances in the following International currencies:-

United States Dollar | The Euro | Pound Sterling | Swiss Franc | Indian Rupee | Japanese Yen | South African Rand | Chinese Renminbi | Australian Dollar | Arab Emirate Dinar | Canadian Dollar

Funds Transfer
Our presence in Mauritius, Tanzania and Rwanda also enables I&M Bank to offer foreign exchange and remittance services using RTGS or SWIFT for Rwanda Franc, Tanzania Shilling, Uganda Shillings and Mauritian Rupee conversions.

We transact for SPOT and FORWARD foreign exchange services in the above mentioned currencies and do specific vanilla derivatives like Currency SWAP’s for qualifying customers upon application and appraisal.

Brisk Transfer
For customers who bank with I&M Bank in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Bank One in Mauritius, the unique BRISK product ensures you never have to wait for long to send and receive money as funds move from one country to another within our presence countries in near real time. We are the only bank with regional presence that offer this efficiency.

With The I&M Bank BRISK transfer service, our customers no longer have to wait for days on end to send and receive their money within the I&M Bank group- talk to our customer service staff for this real time efficient solution to remit funds across the regional borders.

Our customers may also subscribe to our informative daily Treasury Newsletter for currency news, market updates and foreign exchange trends.( Simply send an email to

For Corporate and Business banking customers, The I&M Bank Treasury offers dedicated one to one Treasury relationship management to ensure seamless foreign exchange services and best value for your firm. Talk to I&M Bank and you’ll love the difference in the foreign exchange value you shall receive.

Forex Channels
Interact with I&M Bank for better foreign exchange value and services through our strategically located branch network, by telephone and our online channels including the I&M Bank mobile banking app; The I&M Bank I-Click Internet Banking portals to transact foreign exchange.

To contact our Treasury dealers for more information,

  • Email us at,
  • Call us on +254 20 322 1281-8.
  • Our ThomsonReuters and Bloomberg dealing code is IMBL

Foreign Currency Exchange rates as at 25th June 2019

Currency Bank Buy
Bank Sell
Bank Buy
Bank Sell
USD/KES 99.75 103.75 99.75 103.75
EUR/KES 114.20 118.35 114.20 118.35
GBP/KES 127.95 132.15 127.95 132.15
CHF/KES - - 102.35 107.05
JPY/KES - - 0.91 0.98
ZAR/KES - - 6.34 8.05
CAD/KES - - 75.25 79.40
AUD/KES - - 66.95 73.05
INR/KES - - - 1.51
CNH/KES - - - 16.34
MUR/KES - - 2.35 3.50
AED/KES - - 26.35 29.30
KES/UGX - - 34.50 38.75
KES/TZS - - 20.90 24.10
KES/RWF - - 7.75 9.70

Historical Rates