I&M Visa Pre-Paid Safari

A Visa pre-paid card in Kenya Shillings suitable for use while traveling and shopping both locally and internationally.

I&M Bank brings you the Visa Prepaid Safari Card – a card designed to give you and your family a secure and hassle-free travel experience either on your official or leisure trip. It is suitable for use while traveling and shopping both locally and internationally.


The I&M Visa Pre-Paid Safari is a prepaid Visa Card that needs to be pre-loaded with funds denominated in Kenya Shillings.

The I&M Visa Pre-Paid Safari can be used to:

  • Withdraw cash from VISA branded ATMs in Kenya
  • Make purchases at thousands of shops, restaurants etc
  • Make online purchases.

Benefits of the Visa Pre-Paid Safari Card

  • An efficient, safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash or travellers cheque while traveling in Kenya
  • A safe cashless way to store money and spend as required
  • Online balance enquiry, transactions statements and Card hotlisting
  • Has multipple uses viz, as a gift, to pay employee bonus and salaries, to manage employees on company expense, for parents to manage expenses of students etc
  • Can be used repeatedly by simply loading additional amounts on the card
  • Transaction tracking through SMS notification
  • 24 Hr I&M Call Centre for all enquiries and general assistance
  • Instant Card issuance – No Credit vetting
  • Load up to Kshs 700,000

Get the card!

It is easy, quick and convenient to acquire this Card: You do not need an I&M bank account to get one

  • Complete this application form below, print it and sign
  • Produce the application form along with a copy and the original of your National ID or Passport at any I&M Bank branch.
  • Pay the initial load fee
  • You will get a Welcome Kit containing a ready to use I&M Safari Card and Sealed PIN Cover containing the ATM PIN. Your I-PIN which will enable you to access card account information online via imbank.com on the Prepaid Card login section will be generated and sent to your email address.
  • You can then start using your card immediately and enjoy the benefits.


  • You can reload to replenish the funds in your card in cash by visiting any branch of I&M Bank
  • You can also load your I&M Visa Safari Card almost instantly using M-Pesa Pay bill 872651. (NB: For account number, enter the full Prepaid Card number)


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Apply for a Pre-Paid Card

Our pre-paid cards are very easy to avail. You do not need an I&M bank account to get one. They are available in all branches of I&M bank. You can also download an application form fill it, attach the required documents and drop it in person at any I&M Branch or you can contact us for pickup.