A co-branded Visa pre-paid card in US Dollars suitable for use while travelling and shopping overseas, available from all Nakumatt (East Africa's largest supermarket chain) outlets

The Nakumatt Visa Pre-Paid Travel card can be used to withdraw cash from any Visa ATM worldwide, make purchases from any Visa merchants shops, restaurants etc and also make online purchases. The Card is easy to purchase ( available across the counter at all Nakumatt Supermarket outlets in Kenya and from all I&M Bank branches ), easy to reload and get refund from Nakumatt outlets and I&M Bank branches and also easy to monitor and control through specific web-based account access.

No more chasing moneychangers or paying transaction charges for shopping abroad. The Nakumatt Pre-paid Travel Card is ideal for travelers & shoppers since it can be blocked if stolen and reloaded, while you are still abroad.

This card is the most suitable for all your foreign exchange and shopping needs. Download the I&M Visa Pre-Paid Nakumatt Card brochure.

The Nakumatt Pre-paid Travel Card is:

  • Accepted at all Visa Merchant outlets worldwide.
  • Can be used to withdraw cash at all VISA ATMs worldwide and I&M Bank ATM’s
  • Reloadable anytime, anywhere.
  • Available in US Dollars.


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