I&M Visa Platinum Debit Card

Welcome to the world of the I&M Visa Platinum Debit Card that gives you a range of exciting privileges and special offers selected to suit your lifestyle. Luxurious living with Visa Platinum.


• Global Emergency Assistance
If you lose your Visa card, Visa may be able to block your account, send a replacement card and provide emergency cash.
• Travel Assistance
You get free access to a wide range of medical and legal advice for Visa Platinum cardholders.


• Extended Warranty
Use your Visa Platinum card to pay for your purchases. Items purchased may be eligible for the benefit of Extended Warranty.
• Purchase Protection
When paying with your Visa Platinum card, you will benefit from Purchase Protection for stolen or damaged goods purchased.
• Offers and Promotions
Take advantage of Visa deals and discounts at home and overseas.

Worldwide Acceptance
• Accepted at over 23 million Merchant establishments around the world, and over 1.9 million Visa ATMs worldwide in 180 countries.

Digital Access
• Single digital platform for access to benefits www.visapremium.com


Daily Cash Limits
• Withdraw up to KShs. 100,000 at local ATMs.

IMBA Reward Points
• Earn IMBA reward points on usage of the card.

Security – SafeCard App
• Keep your debit card secure by downloading our unique and innovative SafeCard App.The SafeCard App will allow you to block and unblock your card anywhere, anytime straight from your smartphone. Visit Google Play Store and search for “I&M App” then follow the simple registration process for I&M Safe Card.
• Secure online transactions using Verified by Visa authorisation code.
• SMS alerts for all transactions.

Fraud Protection
• Zero liability on fraudulent Point Of Sale usage on lost or stolen cards, after reporting loss.

Kenswitch Access
• Accepted at all Kenswitch ATM networks across Kenya.

• Card annual fees-USD 5
• Transaction charges as per tariff – see details on our website

Important Notes:
• Some of the features described above may be amended, varied or unavailable at some point in time.
• The charges may be amended from time to time. Always confirm the applicable charges at the point
of applying for the card.
• Issuance of Visa Platinum Debit card is at the sole discretion of the Bank.
• The card shall be issued in accordance with I&M Bank General Terms and Conditions as well as

Terms and Conditions of Use of I&M Bank Limited Debit Card.

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