I&M M-Pesa Pre-pay

A Visa pre-paid card in Kenya Shillings, loadable directly from M-Pesa , suitable for use while traveling and shopping in Kenya or overseas.

A Visa pre-paid card in Kenya Shillings, loadable directly from M-Pesa , suitable for use while traveling and shopping in Kenya or overseas.

The M-PESA PrePay Safari Card is an international pre-paid card that needs to be pre-loaded with funds, in Kenya Shillings.

The I&M M-PESA PrePay Safari Card can be used to:

  • Withdraw cash from VISA branded ATMs in Kenya
  • Make purchases at thousands of shops, restaurants etc
  • Make online purchases.

Benefits of the Card

  • Everyone can get one: Anyone who has a Safaricom telephone line with M-PESA facility and is 18 years and above can apply for this card.
  • Easy load and reload: You can load and reload your card simply through your M-PESA.
  • Better than a credit card: you can’t spend money you don’t have.
  • Saves you money: There are never any late payment fees, ledger fees or over the limit fees.
  • International ATM usage : This is a Visa and KENSWITCH branded card that is accepted both locally and internationally on all Visa/KENSWITCH branded ATMs.
  • Online usage: This card can be used to conduct online transactions such as purchases, payments etc.
  • Manage your money anywhere: You can monitor your card expenses, check your balance etc over the Internet. Just log into www.imbank.com online services and select prepaid cards
  • SMS Alerts: You can choose to receive an SMS alert anytime you use the card.
  • Convenience: This is safer, cheaper and more convenient than carrying cash. You can also de-activate the card after making your purchase online or when desired.
  • Load up to Kshs 500,000

Get the card!

It is easy, quick and convenient to acquire this Card: You do not need an I&M bank account to get one

  • Complete the application form below, print it and sign
  • Produce the application form along with a copy and the original National ID or Passport, copy of you KRA PIN and recent passport photo at any I&M Bank branch.
  • New applicants will be required to indicate on the form, the purpose for which the prepaid card is required and indicate intended use and frequency.
  • Pay the initial load fee
  • You will get a Welcome Kit containing a ready to use M-PESA PrePay Safari Card and Sealed PIN Cover containing the ATM PIN. Your I-PIN which will enable you to access card account information online via imbank.com on the Prepaid Card login section will be generated and sent to your email address.
  • You can then start using your card immediately and enjoy the benefits.

Reloading at Branch

  • You can reload to replenish the funds in your card in cash by visiting any branch of I&M Bank. Please note for loads or reloads of more than Kshs 1m, the applicant will be required to provide declaration of the source of funds and provide related source documents for verification and future reference

Reloading using M-PESA Paybill

To reload using Mpesa Pay Bill, follow the below instructions:

  • Go to Mpesa Menu, Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter the Business no “541541
  • Enter Account Number “Your 16 digit Card Number”
  • Enter Amount
  • And finally enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction

Reloading using M-PESA Xpress

To pay using Mpesa Xpress

  • Click here and follow the following instructions
  • Enter the full 16 digit Credit Card Number and amount to pay
  • Enter your Phone number
  • You will then receive a pop up on your phone requesting you to enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction (Make sure your mobile device screen is unlocked)

Interested in I&M M-Pesa Pre-pay?
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Apply for a Pre-Paid Card

Our pre-paid cards are very easy to avail. You do not need an I&M bank account to get one. They are available in all branches of I&M bank. You can also download an application form fill it, attach the required documents and drop it in person at any I&M Branch or you can contact us for pickup.