Trade Services

We cover the full range of trade finance services from letters of credit and guarantees to export and import trading.

  •  Visit any I&M Bank branch and talk to our friendly customer service representatives who will go through and understand your requirements to advice you on the most appropriate product.
  • Take advantage of I&M Bank’s Trade Finance solutions and expand your import and export business.
  • Talk to us today and enjoy personalized service and efficient processing of all your Trade Finance requests.

Our range of Trade Finance products include:

  • Letters of Credit (Import & Export)
  • Guarantees | Bonds | Unsecured Bid Bonds
  • Documentary Collections (Import & Export)
  • Bill Avalization
  • Bill/Invoice Discounting
  • Import Bill Refinancing

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  1. Capability to offer trade finance services to all major financial centres worldwide through correspondent banking relationships with  host of major multinational Banks
  2. Cross-border financing arrangements through established financing lines from major worldwide correspondent Banks in several countries
  3. Ability to deal in most major currencies
  4. Dedicated Trade Finance department provides very efficient processing and servicing

Download the Trade Services Tariff of Charges. For information, visit our Correspondent Banks page. To avail of this service, contact us or visit any I&M Bank branch.