Our easy and affordable 4-step process allows you pay salaries to your employees conveniently and cashlessly.

Our Salary Payment services include opening very affordable ATM salary transaction accounts for all your employees and transferring salaries to them from your business account upon electronically receiving your payment instructions as a bulk payment file.

Employees can then withdraw their salary funds and do other transactions using ATMs, I&M Mobile and I-Click internet banking.

Step 1

Open ATM salary transaction accounts for all staff, with a very affordable minimum balance requirement of KShs 100/-.

Step 2

Electronically send us a bulk payment file in a given format giving salary payment listings every month.

Step 3

We then transfer funds as per the salary listing from your business account to the employees’ ATM Salary Account for a small transaction fee.

Step 4

Employees then use their salary funds through ATM withdrawals, I&M Mobile, I-Click Internet Banking.


To avail of this service, contact any I&M Bank branch.



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