I&M Business Connect is a service that offers businesses a convenient and efficient way to collect money from their consumers and make payments to their suppliers, staff, etc.

This service is offered through a financial platform that has been developed to facilitate various types of collection and payment transactions on a real time basis with Straight-Through Processing.

The platform has the capability to connect a company‘s operational and/or financial system on one side and banking channels, banking systems, suppliers, aggregators, payment channels on the other side.

The product will facilitate the following services

  • Collections – Fee, Subscription, Bill Payments, Purchases, Taxes, Revenues, etc.
  • Payments – Supplier, Salaries, Corporate Taxes, Corporate Purchases, etc.

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Below are some of the services already available through Business Connect:

Kplc Postpaid Bills Payment Strathmore University Fees Payment
I&M Bank and Non-I&M Bank can now conveniently pay for KPLC Postpaid bills in any I&M Bank Branch or Mobile Banking (For existing Mobile Banking Registered Customers) Conveniently pay fees through the world-class services of I&M Bank. I&M Bank has partnered with Strathmore University to enable a smooth and hassle-free way of paying fees.

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KPLC Bulk Payments
Our efficient KPLC Bulk Payment service allows you to pay multiple KPLC postpaid bills at one go or with one payment. This brings operational efficiency for your Organization to the usually cumbersome and tedious process of processing each bill individually.

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