Accept Visa and Mastercard payments online from your customers through our Webpay E-Commerce payment services

I&M Bank, a leader in innovative banking technology, was the first bank in Kenya and East Africa to launch an E-Commerce online payment service.

I&M Webpay is an E-commerce service that enables businesses to accept Visa and MasterCard payments for online purchases. The service is ideal for e-commerce merchants like airlines, tour and travel operators, hotels, utility service providers and other businesses who wish to explore the opportunity to expand their online sales while significantly reducing their transaction costs.

Its payment service rides on an Internet payment gateway from Iveri Payment Technologies, a leading provider of multi-channel e-payment solutions. This payment technology is aimed at offering Kenyan online retailers and e-commerce merchants a secure, cost effective e-Payment service to accept Visa and Master Card payments on-line for sale of their products and services.

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  • Convenience; customers make payments online from the comfort of their offices, homes or cyber cafes after making purchases on your website;
  • Wider reach; away from the conventional “Brick & Mortar” setup, internet acquiring enables you as the merchant to sell your goods and services online both locally and internationally. Your online shop is also open 24/7 In the event someone wishes to Purchase your services/products for a friend or family, online payment makes it very easy.
  • Safe & secure; better than carrying cash around for both the customer and the merchant. The service also features 3D Secure, a state of that art authentication process that ensures only the authorised card holder is making the purchase, thus reducing chances of fraud.
  • Shorter settlement turnaround time of 3 working days (T+3)
  • Currency in USD Dollar or Kenya Shillings
  • Supports all Visa and MasterCard prepaid, debit, credit cards including Visa Electron and Maestro

We have 3 Options for different categories of merchants:

The Lite Option:

It is best suited for Small and Medium sized websites. The Lite option requires very little integration and reduces the deployment time. This is a “re-direct’’ option where the shopping cart’s check-out page is redirected to a secure payment page hosted by I&M Webpay. The payment page maybe customised extensively to the look and feel of the merchants website.

Enterprise Option:

Enterprise is ideal for medium and large transaction websites. It gives the merchant the flexibility to customise as much as they wish. The database storage, formatting and development is entirely at the discretion of the developer unlike the Lite option.

Enterprise allows the merchant to fully integrate the payment process into their website without requiring a redirect.

The Enterprise option is best suited for:

  • Complex and large Internet merchants.
  • Merchants with very high numbers of transactions
  • Corporates with many payment channels.
  • Websites that are developed using languages other than .Net and Java.
  • Hardware and equipment (like payment kiosks) that require payments
  • Mobile Applications

The Paymi Option

The PayMi option is designed for merchants who do not necessarily have websites or those with websites without a shopping cart or a booking engine but have customers whom they wish to prompt for card payments on a regular or ad hoc basis. These payment requests are sent to the Cardholder’s email address. Cardholders receive a personalized message requesting them to complete the transaction via a secure link. No technical resources are required.

Paymi is ideal for Merchants who require:

  • Call Centre and reservation office payments. This provides a way to complete bookings made over the phone by credit card securely
  • Ad hoc payments like promotional campaigns, conferences etc
  • Recurring payments like charities, Insurance premium, donations etc
  • Outstanding payment Recovery. This provides a cost effective way of requesting payment on outstanding accounts.

We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how best we can develop your e-commerce business

Some of our major merchants include:

Jambo Jet www.jambojet,com
Precision Air
Rwanda Air
Reliance Air Charters
The Kenya Red Cross
Jambo Pay
Gamewatchers Safaris
Kicheche Camps
The Tamarind Group
GA Insurance
Cheli and Peacock amongst many more