Asset Finance

I&M Bank Asset Finance is for individuals or companies who want to buy vehicles or machinery for personal or commercial use.

Asset Finance product at l&M Bank Ltd covers all forms of business and personal assets, which are:

  1. Moveable in nature.
  2. Identifiable through a serial/registration number. This largely covers motor vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Key Features

Asset Type Age
Saloon Cars New/Used
Used Commercial Trucks / Pick ups New/Used
Commercial trucks/Pick-ups New/Used
Prime Movers/Heavy Commercial Trucks New/Used
Earth Movers/Construction Equipment New/Used
Other Equipment New
Tractors New
School buses New
Motor cycles ( Fleet Purchasers) New


Finance of up to 80% on cost over loan duration of 48 months is availed for assets under the above categories subject to credit evaluation.

Concessions for lower deposit and extended loan tenure available under structured joint dealer/staff car loan schemes.

Key Benefits

  1. Quick and simple application process.
  2. Financed assets are self-securing.
  3. Option of direct import finance through selected dealers.
  4. Insurance Premium Financing {IPF) available.
  5. Effective working relationships with vehicle. dealers/vendors country wide.

Application requirements
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