Flexi Deposit Builder

Build up savings automatically on a regular basis and earn higher return on them

Every month, a fixed installment amount as determined by you is automatically debited from your normal personal /business transaction account with I&M Bank at a fixed day of the month and added on your Flexi Deposit Builder. You can make additional savings through cash deposit or funds transfer from your other I&M Bank accounts.

The funds thus accumulated earn high rates of interest, thereby enabling you to grow your savings conveniently. Click below to view more details on the Flexi Deposit Builder and to download the application form

Account Features

For KES Minimum monthly Installment 1,000/-
Term (KES) 1 yr
For USD Minimum monthly Installment 100
Term (USD) 1 Yr

For information on interest rates, visit the Interest Rates page. Also visit the Tariffs page and the Terms & Conditions page for more details.

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Account Features
Monthly installments (KES) 1000
Term (KES) 1 Year
Monthly Installments (USD) 100
Term (USD) 1 Year