Personal Bahati is a cost effective account with a minimum balance of KShs 10,000 which incorporates a range of account related facilities

Personal Bahati is a personal transaction account for everyday banking suitable for individuals who do not conduct too many transactions on their bank account. It comes with a Visa International Debit Card and a cheque book. Customers can also access and operate on the account through I&M Mobile and I-Click Internet Banking facilities.

Additional Benefits

  • Free quarterly statements or free email statements at your chosen frequency.
  • Personal Accident Cover of KShs. 0.5 M at KShs. 500 p.a premium or 1 M at KShs 1,000 p.a. premium.
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals, I-Click Internet Banking and Mobile Banking transactions
  • Earn IMBA Reward Points every time you transact.

 What do I need to open this account?

  • An introduction letter from an I&M Bank account holder or your employer’s or banker’s or a professional of repute (lawyer/ accountant)
  • Copy of your ID/passport
  • Recent colour passport photograph
  • Copy of work permit (if applicable)
  • Copy of KRA PIN card


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Account Features
Minimum Balance 10,000/-
International Visa Debit Card* Free
Free Counter Withdrawals 10
Per month Maintenance Fees** 500/-
25-leaf Cheque Book 300/-
No interest is payable -