Are you saving for your next car or house purchase or dream vacation? Setting specific saving goals towards this will help you become focused on achieving it.

I&M Mobile has now been enhanced to enable you set a goal and start savings towards it in an easy and hassle free process using My Goalz Account.
Key attractions of My Goalz Account include:

  • Free to open and operate
  • Self-account opening through I&M Mobile App
  • You can save for multiple goals independently by opening multiple Goal Saving Accounts
  • No account charge
  • Start with as little as Kes 1000 savings per month
  • Free automatic Standing Instructions from your I&M Bank Transaction Account
  • Interest paid on maturity based on daily balances maintained as per prevailing rates
  • Track the progress of your goal any time

Open My Goalz Account today by following quick steps below:

  • Login to I&M Mobile
  • Go to My Accounts
  • IM Bank
  • Select the “Save for a Goal” menu and follow prompts

Start the journey towards realising your dream now. Start saving for your goals!



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