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Paying fees to Strathmore University made easier!

12TH FEB 2018

Conveniently pay fees through the world-class services of I&M Bank. I&M Bank has partnered with Strathmore University to enable a smooth and hassle-free way of paying fees. By using this service, customers can enjoy a host of benefits. To mention but a few:

World-class banking service and superior customer service at any I&M Bank branch. Paying has now been made easier and at no cost to the payer. Payment can be made through the following options: • I&M Mobile banking – 24/7 anywhere, anytime • I&M Bank branch – cash or account transfer • EFT and RTGS • M-PESA • I&M Karibu Agent

The service allows instant validation of student details, thus eliminating errors and possible complaints. Immediate and automatic update of students’ records at the University once payment has been successfully received by the Bank.

Payments via I&M Mobile can be done anywhere, anytime i.e. 24/7 leaving parents and students with more time for other productive activities.

Click here to view the easy steps to pay your Strathmore University Fees