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KRA Tax Paymnets Through iTax

27TH NOV 2013

We are pleased to inform you that you can now conveniently pay your taxes directly into Kenya Revenue Authority’s Account at I&M Bank LIMITED, following KRA’s approval of I&M Bank as a tax collection agent through the revamped Integrated Tax management System (iTax).

This service is available across all branches of I&M Bank through cash payments and internal transfers from your account.

This initiative brings tax payment services closer to you and eliminates the need to fill manual forms or even queue at KRA offices.

To be able to use this service, a taxpayer must first complete a registration process on KRA website. This entails registering first as a KRA online services user. Those who are already registered and are using KRA online services will use their existing details to register for iTax; in case you do not have a password or have forgotten your password, please login into for more details (click on File Returns Online and follow the steps. In case you experience any difficulties, you can call the KRA helpline numbers provided on the website or write to

You will then use your online service details i.e. USER ID (which is your KRA PIN) and PASSWORD to login on the iTax page. This is a one-off activity and a taxpayer will be required to update some details upon successful login.

Once successfully registered for iTax, a taxpayer will then follow the process below whenever making a domestic tax payment

· Visit the iTax page on KRA website and log in using your USER ID and PASSWORD

· File your tax return and register the payment. Upon successful registration of payment, a unique registration number (called e-slip number) will be generated

· Present the e-slip number to I&M Bank for payment - the bank will confirm validity and consistency of e-slip details and accept your tax payment if in order.

· Upon payment, you will obtain a payment confirmation advice from the bank and your iTax details will be updated and confirmation sent to KRA on a real time basis.

The Advice provided by the Bank is final and sufficient proof of payment both to KRA and the tax payer.

It is also possible to enquire about your payment status online from the KRA website to confirm that the details have been updated.

For more information on payment of taxes through iTax please contact your nearest branch of I&M Bank.

With regards,

I&M Bank Ltd.