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23RD MAR 2020



In view of the prevalent and evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, with a view to safeguard all our customers and staff, we would like to bring the following issues to your attention:


1. As of now, all our branches are functioning normally. All banking services are being offered as usual. There may be some delays in processing transaction requests from our normal turnaround times, but all transactions will be executed within 24 hours of receipt.


2. All our alternate banking channels - ATMs, I&M Mobile Banking, IClick Internet Banking, Call Centre, Debit/Credit/Prepaid Cards are operating as usual.


3. At this time, we advise customers to minimize physical visits to branches, as far as possible, as a safety measure. When you visit any I&M Bank branch, please ensure to use the available hand sanitizers to clean your hands when entering the premises. Please alsoensure to maintain social distancing between yourself, other customers and staff.  This would entail measures like maintaining safe distance while queuing at our counters and when interacting with counter staff and customer service staff.You may find some of our staff using masks and gloves while serving you.


4. As far as possible, please minimise your handling of cash and visiting the bank branch for your transactions. Almost all transactions can be done efficiently and conveniently through our extensive alternate channels without the necessity of visiting a branch. For example:


  • You can load your I&M pre-paid card (paybill no 872651) and pay your I&M credit card bills (paybill no 872649) by MPESA. For more information on how to do this, click/tap here. You can also use the Mpesa Xpress service which allows you to transfer funds from Mpesa to I&M Account, Credit Card or Prepaid Card by following the simple prompts. 


  • If you really need to withdraw cash, please preferably opt for I&M ATMs where you can withdraw cash up to Ksh 100,000/- per day. All I&M Bank branches have ATMs and we also have several off-site ATMs. Click/Taphere to know the locations. In addition, you can use your I&M Bank debit, credit and pre-paid cards at any ATM worldwide which accepts Visa cards and also to purchase goods and services online and at Point of Sale machines.


  • Should you need to deposit cash into your I&M account or any other I&M account, you may use Cash Deposit machines available at some I&M branches. Click here to view where our Cash Deposit machines are available.


  • You can contact our Call Centre at 020-3221000 and get your account balances and transaction information through an Interactive Voice Response system or by speaking to a Call Centre operator.


  • You can make all local and international fund transfer through our I-Click Internet banking and local transfers through I&M Mobile Banking.


  • You can pay your utility bills through our I-Click Internet banking as well as I&M Mobile Banking.


5. To encourage customers to use mobile banking as a channel for making transactions safely and conveniently, we are now temporarily offering the following concessions and waivers:

  • You can do mobile money transactions through MPESA and Airtel Money to load your wallets and transfer money from your mobile wallet to your I&M account free of charge.
  • Note that telcos have now increased transaction limits for mobile money transactions to Ksh 150,000 per transaction and to Ksh 300,000 per day and person-to-person transfers up to Ksh 1000/- are free of charge.
  • All your payment transactions using PESALINK to pay into accounts with other local banks are now free of charge.


As the situation evolves, we will give you further updates as and when required. We are On Your Side and our endeavour is to keep you safe and offer you uninterrupted services.


I&M Bank Ltd