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Kenya Red Cross Society – Greenhouse Program

13TH JUN 2013

The Bank partnered with Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) in greenhouse program

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) greenhouse program established during the 2009 drought appeal seeks to enhance food security and improve livelihoods by strengthening community resilience to drought. Subsequently following the 2011 drought that was classified the worst in the horn of Africa in 60 years that led to severe deterioration of grazing resources, water sources leading to exceptionally long migrations, livestock deaths, alarming school dropout rates, increased malnutrition rates, particularly for lactating mothers, children under 5 years of age and the elderly, and the resurgence of debilitating conflict as communities competed for resources, KRCS renewed her appeal and several partners including I&M Bank came on board. The bank made a contribution of Kshs.957, 000/- towards purchase of 4 greenhouses to be set up in needy and drought stricken areas. In partnership with I&M Bank, KRCS identified four schools in Baringo, Marigat, Malindi and Kwale who benefited with one greenhouse each. These include Kiserian Sec. School (Baringo), Labos Primary School (Marigat), Kakoneni Girls Sec. School (Malindi) and Kombani Girls Sec. School (Kwale).